Letter Of Referral

Dear friend,

I’d like to take a minute to speak regarding my friend and church member, Jeff Ferguson.

I’ve known Jeff for a few years now and have been able to observe him as well as his ministry for multiple seasons.

Over this time I’ve seen him serve faithfully within our church. I’ve seen him sacrifice personally for the sake of others and the gospel. I’ve watched Jeff handle challenges and success with humility and consistent faithfulness.

In plenty and in lean times Jeff has remained constant. He’s the same regardless of season or circumstance.

Jeff is a leader. Jeff is a student of God’s word and consistently seeking personal growth.

Jeff has an anointing to gather people to Jesus. He is a powerful preacher and worship leader. Jeff seems to have limitless ideas and enthusiasm to create new ways to reach people for the kingdom of God.

I trust Jeff Ferguson to bring his best to any church, regardless of its size or fame. Jeff will treat every opportunity as if it’s the most important moment for God’s Kingdom. I believe this is why the Lord trusts him with major platforms and hidden gems.

Jeff is authentic and anointed. I appreciate this in the ministers I choose to spend time with.

Jeff leads very important ministries for our church such as: Tabitha’s Ministry (an outreach to widows), The Vow (an exciting, powerful, inspiring gathering for our over 50 crowd) and High Noon (a weekly prayer service laying hold of an awakening for our church and the world). All of these ministries have dramatically affected the health and reach of our church community. Jeff and these ministries make our church better and more effective.

I hope you have the opportunity to meet and work with Jeff Ferguson. I know you’ll be blessed as I have been.


Kevin Kringel
Lead Pastor
Calvary Orlando