To Whom It May Concern:

You may know Jeff Ferguson, the writer. He has authored many songs that a number of well known Christian artists and local churches have found to be simply inspiring.

You may know Jeff Ferguson, the singer. He has a great voice that will bless far more than your ear. Your heart will be captured because Jeff’s passion for Jesus draws people to the Lord.

You may know Jeff Ferguson, the preacher. He is very Word-based and ministers a message of love and hope that will exhort your people to receive the life changing touch of the Lord. Congregations become conscious of the Lord’s presence while Jeff is preaching! Jeff’s openness about his journey; his struggles and victories inspires people to persevere and trust in the Lord.

I know Jeff Ferguson as friend. I trust him completely. He is the real deal. He personally pursues Jesus on a daily basis. He loves Jesus with all his heart. I have known him for years and loved on him when he has faced mountains that would cause many to tremble. He is a faithful man. He is truly a man that walks in the love and compassion of Jesus. I know because he has ministered to me many times.

As a Pastor, I know the responsibility a shepherd has to protect the flock. As Jeff Ferguson’s pastor, I commend to you his ministry because I know his life reflects Jesus. He is a seasoned minister that has the gifting to minister a strategic now-word to a local church. Jeff respects spiritual authority and comes with the spirit of a servant.

I’ve described him to others as a breath of fresh air to the Body of Christ - refreshing, renewing and life-giving. Please feel free to call me; my personal cell phone number is 214/223-9593.

Enjoy the Journey,

Tim Hall
Senior Pastor
New Beginnings Fellowship
(972) 579-1240